USA Immigration Visas

Colombian Visas :
BBusiness visas NE, Temporary visas TP, Resident visas RE.
USA Immigration Visas:
K1, K3, CR-1.


We assist you with the legal procedure to marry Colombian citizens in Colombia. We give you step by step instructions so that the procedure is done in a fast and efficient way with the less stress to you and your couple. We file the petitions on your behalf. We provide translation services.

Foreign Investment

We will assist you with the procedure to invest in Colombia complying with the Colombian legal regulations.

Commercial Laws

We provide legal advice in the different type of partnerships or corporations in Colombia and can assist you with the incorporation of the company you require. We draft contracts and legal documents.

Civil Law.

We do title searches and study title documents when you are buying real estate in Colombia. We assist you in the appropriate and correct way to enter money to Colombia so that the investment is done legally. We check that the title transfers are done in compliance with the Colombian laws.


We litigate in civil and commercial courts.


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